Visual Representation #1 What Does The Environment Mean?

While reading The Sound of Silverbells by Robin Wall Kimmerer I began thinking about the environment and the way it makes me feel. On page 219 Kimmerer says “when I hike, I like to do it quietly, just looking, just being there.” This quote really stuck with me, when I’m in nature I like to just observe and listen to all the beautiful sounds. I thought about all the times I have been able to sit quietly and watch and I always remember feeling peaceful. The environment is very interesting when you sit and observe, I realized that things placed in the settings were random, or scattered. By this I mean that nothing ever seemed perfect, the environment is filled with imperfections. It is important to learn from these imperfections in the environment and see the diversity that exists throughout. I started looking back at my pictures of the times I spent in the environment; some were away on vacations, others in park by my house. All the pictures I saw reminded me of the same peaceful feeling which inspired my first visual representation.

I collected all the pictures I had of the environment that I took, all of experiences in nature that made me feel peace. I began to arrange them into the word Peace, the most resonating feeling for me in the environment. I cut the pictures and placed some sideways, and others upside down to symbolize the imperfections that are seen in nature.

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  1. Wow Meegan! I loved the way you took your feelings and memories in the environment to create your art piece. The connections you made to the text were nicely tied into your piece of writing. Was there a particular moment or place that you were drawn to, when looking At your pictures; I would love to hear more about the moments you spent in nature and the connections you made. I also enjoyed the portrayal of imperfection tied throughout, it reminds me of something my mother would tell me about the artwork I did as a child “Art is like nature, perfectly imperfect”. Overall a great piece that I’m thankful you shared with me.


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