Visual Representation #2

In past I have heard many people make pledges to help the environment, by ways of reducing, reusing, and recycling however often only commit for a short time. In Maple Nations Kimmerer talks about the significance of trees to Anishinaabe culture, and how trees are seen as “ The standing people”. She also talks about the contributions the trees make year round to the environment. Thinking about these two aspects I think it is important to think of ways we can help the environment everyday like it helps us. When we begin to think about the environment like a human its astonishing to think how people treat it. If everyone picked one aspect of their daily life to change and committed to this, the benefit on the environment will be more noticeable. Therefore the negative aspects, like climate change will begin to reduce.


After reading Robin Wall Kimmerer’s Maple Nations I began to think of the environment and how I can give back. I thought about my daily life, particularly aspects that I can reduce to help eliminate climate change, and create a better environment. Personally I find I drive everywhere, and could easily walk or ride my bike instead. I also use a lot of disposable cups, and plastic straws. I represented these aspects in my visual representation, as I hope that if I reduce my use of my vehicle, disposable cups and plastic straws I can help keep the sunsets pretty, the trees green and the waters blue.

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  1. Meegan, I loved how you seemed to find the beauty in the world we live in both in your piece and your writing. It is important we make these small changes to ensure the health of Earth is maintained. I also enjoyed how you said when we reduce our consumption of unnecessary things, the negative impacts they have on the environment will also be reduced. When I read “Maple Nation”, I was moved by how the trees were personified. I believe this is a great way to engage readers by triggering empathy which could encourage them to make a difference. Thank you for your insight and connections! – Natalie


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