EcoLiteracy Poem

When the streams flow,

The winds blow,

The trees grow,

and the birds crow.


The earth seems healthy,

however though human actions are stealthy.

There is a an unequal satisfaction,

and unfair transaction


The lack of respect is such a pity,

our earth is so pretty.

Yet we don’t treat it so,

soon it will lose its glow.


If we change our prints,

and everyone gets the hint,

maybe we can help the environment

and do for it, as it does for us.


If you have a bike, why not use it?

The fumes you reduce can benefit.

Maybe we can all walk more,

It is definitely worth being sore.


Why not use a continuo,

there’s no point using things you throw.

Why pay 5 cents for a bag?

It doesn’t even have a real tag!


The garage we produce,

will ruin the spruce!

The fumes are getting so thick.

The earth is feeling homesick.


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