Ecoliteracy Braid

While reading my fellow classmates poems and letters about ecoliteracy, and what it means to them, I noticed 2 key ideas that relate to the overarching meaning of being eco literate. The first being the idea of giving back to the environment and helping in anyways we as humans can. I represented this idea throughout my poem similar to Jade’s and Jaimie’s poems/letters. The other idea relates to educating people about the environment. As to be eco literate one would know they cannot change the world themselves. Mack represents this idea throughout his poem of educating people to make change related to “saving” the environment.

Robin Wall Kimmerer discusses the concept of giving back to the environment on page 173 of Braiding Sweetgrass she says “If citizenships means an oath of loyalty to a leader, then I choose the leader of the trees. If good citizens agree to uphold the laws of the nation, then I choose natural law, the law of reciprocity, of regeneration, of mutual flourishing (Kimmerer, 2013).” She also says on page 174“They [Maple trees] deserve you and me speaking up on their behalf on page (Kimmerer, 2013).” After reading these quotes, I think she is saying that if we follow rules based on what the earth needs, only take what we need and give/ replenish what we can we make a difference in the way the environment lives. In jades poem she says “So let’s take a moment and think of what we can do to give back to the world;”, I can relate this to poem when I say “If we change our prints, and everyone gets the hint maybe we can help the environment and do for it, as it does for us.” When thinking about the environment in an eco literate way you being to see the ways the environment helps us. As this happens it becomes clear what can be done to keep the earth clean, and functioning to the best it can. Similar to my poem Jaimie talks about the idea of change and says “It is time that everyone does their part. Small actions or big leaps, any action will help keep our environment clean.” There are many aspects of change that can be incorporated into everyone’s daily lives, and as Jaimie mentions even small actions can make a difference.

Unlike my poem Mack talks about another aspect of being eco literate, the idea of educating. This idea is discussed in David Orrs article when he says “ All education is environmental education (Orr, 2004).” When people are educated about the environment they are more likely to want to help, and do their part. However if they don’t know what they are helping, or simply what they can do to help, they most likely wont do it. Mack talks about this idea throughout his poem and says “I can teach you the simple things we need to change. I’ll widen your scope. I’ll broaden your range.” It is important as an eco literate person to educate others, and “widen their scope” on the issues that are happening in our back yards yet have a hard time noticing.

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